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Considering an addition to your home? Your Residential Awning can offer endless possibilities for enhancing a home’s beauty and decor. Residential Awnings add shape, dimension and color, and can be custom-designed to fit any structure’s unique character and style. Cain Awning manufactures awnings with only the highest standards.

Did you know the shading your windows and doors with an awning can save you up to 15% on cooling bills and create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Residential Awnings can echo the architecture of a traditional home or they can complement more modern-styled buildings. An awning can add beauty to an otherwise ordinary facade or they can add softness and color to any size, shape or style of home. Depending on the purpose, awnings can assume a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which make design options limitless.

Residential Awnings can extend living space and add comfort to outdoor activities. A fixed awning creates an elegant, upscale outdoor living room; perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with the family.

In addition to extending your living space, awnings protect inside furnishings as well as drapes and carpet from fading due to UV rays. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics with many different colors and patterns to fit your taste.

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