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Awning Questions

Contact us, we would like to hear from you and help with any awning questions. If you have a project or would like an estimate we will be glad to assist. Even if you just have awning questions regarding your existing awning, we would be delighted if you gave us a call or sent us a note.

Questions you may have that we can answer with a phone call:

Q. Do I need to replace my awning or can it be repaired?
Q. How much would it cost to install an awning over our front door?
Q. Can my logo be put on our new awning?
Q. We have a very complicated situation and need a solution, can you help?
Q. We have been told an awning cannot be installed but we really have a need, can you help?
Q. Can you match our logo colors?
Q. We do not want our awnings any more, can you come and remove them?
Q. How long should our awnings last, when should we replace them?
Q. We want an awning at home, will you do small jobs?
Q. How do we clean our awnings?

In some situations, we can answer your questions over the phone (205.323.8379) or by email at [email protected]. Sometimes we need to come out and work with you on site. Just ask and we will be glad to discuss your current or future situations and help you improve your image or assist with other cosmetic or practical needs.

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