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Are you considering commercial awnings for your business?

Commercial Awnings offer endless possibilities for enhancing a building’s beauty and decor while adding functionality. Commercial Awnings add shape, dimension and color, and are custom-designed to fit any building’s unique character and style.

Commercial Awnings for restaurants is just one example of putting our skills to work for you.  We recognize that you want to distinguish your restaurant from the competition.  Awnings or canopies outside give your business recognition.  Canvas awnings and canopies can also provide your restaurant with additional dining space that creates a wonderful outdoor experience.  Cain Awning has the experience to provide you with design that will create the atmosphere that your desire for dining patrons.  Attention to detail, framework design and fabric selection all combined with quality customer service are what our clients have come to expect from us.  To accomplish that goal we rely on almost 70 years of knowledge to provide them with awnings and canopies that help to set their restaurant apart from the others.

If you are looking to make your retail venue pop and stand out from the rest, Commercial Awnings and Canopies can accomplish that goal.  Our Commercial Awnings will attract attention from potential customers and create functional areas, while providing protection and shading to accomplish the needs of a retail centers.

With industry leading innovation in the design and manufacturing, Cain Awning has set the standard for custom Commercial Awnings throughout the Southeast.


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